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Empowering maintenance

instructors & trainees

with interactive, digital aircrafts available 24/7.


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Online training platform with access to high-quality 20K aircraft panoramas and component descriptions arranged by ATA Chapters.


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Increasing the efficiency of maintenance work, optimising trainings time & effectiveness

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Reducing the internal conflict regarding the availability of

the real aircraft


Seamless training coordination and distribution of post-training materials

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Reaching for innovations before

the competition

customer satisfaction

Satisfaction of your technicians & further job retention


Mechanics can train asynchronously

& prepare better for certification


Component Location

easy & efficient technicians onboarding

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Access to up to 8x more components directly in their locations

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Show components’

complex context

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Library of detailed components' imagery

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Custom documentation upload

eg. technical drawings

Custom documentation upload

eg. technical drawings

ATA-100 Structure

maintaining international standards

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Provide Type Rating trainings following selected ATA Chapters

Select which components

are necessary to display

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Custom documentation upload eg. technical drawings, existing training materials

Aircraft Schemes

planning interactive aircraft tours

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Guide your technicians just like through real aircraft

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Create multiple tours

eg. walkthrough, checklist or GenFam

Assembly Phasess

Visible under one click

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Switch between different

assembly phase

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Enrich trainings

with detailed images

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Self education

for you technicians

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Free panoramas’ exploration

& ATA-100 Structure

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Refreshing training issues

in their own pace

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Interactive & audio content

with virtual assistant

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Automatised knowledge checks based on training needs

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Open questions test verified

by real maintenance experts



eg. Airbus H135

Business Jets

eg. Beechcraft King Air 200,

LearJet 60XR

Passenger Jets

eg. Airbus A320

Marcin Trzciński

Founder / CEO

Katarzyna Bazylczyk

Product Design Lead

Łukasz Dudziak

Development Lead


If you also believe that immersive technology has to take-off in aviation, let’s make it happen together.

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